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Health and Well-Being For The Professional Driver  –  London          

Professional Drivers Health and Well-Being Limited are currently looking for Self Employed Sales Representatives to cover certain sectors throughout London in order to sell and promote the book. This is on a commission only basis and would attract people who have previously worked in the transport industry, health professionals, retired or who are just simply looking to work flexible and part time hours. The commission based income is also suited to people who wish to earn an extra income.

A full induction will be given, on completion of the induction you will be allocated an area and you will be supplied with appointed leads in that specified area. You will also be required to carry saleable books and  you will need to be able to travel locally. London based representatives would be ideal. Commission is paid two weekly.

The role and responsibilities: The job role requires a large amount of street selling to target groups as well as some in door sales pitching. You should be able to work on your own initiative and be responsible when handling finances.

No experience is required, though we do look for the following skills:

– Can build great rapport
– Happy
– Engaging
– Enthusiastic
– Self Motivated
– Proactive


– Choose your own hours
– Company discount
– Great commission structure

Does this sound like something for you? Do you now of someone who could do well in this role? Then I want to hear from you…
Please apply to or Contact us on: 0207 101 3735 stating which areas you would like to cover, along with the days and hours you would be looking to work.



PROPOSER: Professional Drivers Health and Well-Being Limited

PROPOSAL: Donations for the service of an outreach vehicle for professional driver’s fitness and well-being


My research into this industry’s common ill health to surface drivers, has enlightened me with many quotes made in  past investigations and reports. In particular I was taken aback by suggestions made by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (2011)


“The solutions are not only in the design of the cab. Additional  measures can be taken to lessen the risk for both the shoulders and neck.

For example:

– a reduction of driving hours, or a rotation of tasks between driving and other types of tasks”.

This point brought to my attention that drivers, drive themselves unfit by continuous driving, even under noticeable ill health; for example muscular disorders. The industry has no relief mechanism in place to offer drivers a respite from driving, leading to, as stated in the Health and Well-Being For The Professional Driver manual.


“Without diagnosis, drivers work under ill health, which causes  inefficiency”.

The fact that the industry needs proactive fit drivers leads to my solution of an outreach vehicle to assist drivers on their road to making wellness a part of their daily lifestyle.

As already touched upon in the book’s conclusion, many readers will need weaning into adopting some of the healthy changes needed, not only for the driver’s own well-being but also for the health and safety of their cargo, passengers and other road users.

The handbook holds valuable information but without interactive contribution, the material becomes a shelved booklet. Readers need to adopt the lifestyle changes with proactive provisions to help them on their way, motivating and keeping them engaged with the healthy life changes they are encountering.

I intend to take these two points and challenge the issue of another duty for drivers who have driver related injuries which affect their driving abilities and are subjected in having to continue to work under ill health. Highlighting the fact that accidents are caused by drivers slow reaction/inefficiency bought on from continuous driving under ill health. This provision will be staffed by drivers that show signs off mentally of physical ill health and drivers who are currently off sick and the repetitive sick leave driver.

BENEFIT FOR SPONSOR                  

Partnership to another viable profit gain and industry credibility

The outreach service will provide an industry tool that will create company engagement with staff, strengthening working relationships as well as addressing staff well-being from a mental and physical viewpoint. Looking at the creditability of the benefits for the company using their client base already existing, we will create another credible profit gain by addressing our commitment to staff and public safety through health and wellness.

The sponsor will be seen as a outstanding company from the others in the industry, as they venture in a new area creating possible franchise trend. They will be viewed as a dynamic company contentiously having fun and trying out new initiatives keeping one step ahead; pushing the company into the lime light by leading the way and offering another avenue in commercial contracts, delivering shareholders value.

The introduction and development of this cost effective initiative will need minimal capital expenditure, as vehicles suitable for modification are already in existence, along with capable staff desperately needing another job within the service delivery. There will be a reduction in paying staff sicknesses, saving huge costs in temporary sick leave payouts. Redeployment to the bus will assists in maintaining employees work attendance and moral. This will also allow the company to monitor the driver’s return back to work.


The donation of a double decker bus, equipment for the services provided as well as modification cost. The upper deck will provide counselling services; essential for drivers mental health. Therapeutic services; by way of therapeutic massage assistance and equipment. Lower deck services will include health checks along with small catering of nutritious snacks for sale distributed by staff.


By use of drivers who are about to be signed off sick or who are already on long term sick leave, we will be providing them another job role offering an alternative from driving. These drivers will be directed to working on the DRIVING FIT-OUTREACH VEHICLE. Basic use of a juicer machine and assisting with making of hot and cold healthy light beverages which will be on sale, will be required. The staff will be distributing food products in baskets at selected street locations with the bus. This will create an impact, ever ready to meet the clients needs with a healthy replacement to their otherwise unhealthy choice. This service will be provided between the hours of 8:00am – 5:00pm.


This provides a number of benefits to the ill driver, as they will not have to prolong their illness doing stiffening labour which aggravates the injury or illness. Allowing for different labour will  provide reasonable movement to reduce injury inflammation and stiffness. Drivers will be alleviated from feeling dormant at home, no longer a part of the team. Providing an opportunity for them to socialise in a different capacity, which will relieve possible boredom and isolation.

Welcoming companies that share similar interest! Can your company donate services or equipment? Do you know of a company……? Then I want to hear from you. Please reply to or Contact us on: 0207 101 3735



PROPOSER: Professional Drivers Health and Well-Being Limited

PROPOSAL: Discount Manual Distribution Outlet

Professional Drivers Health and Well-Being Limited are now seeking the best possible way of activating a special discount, getting the hand book into as many professional drivers hands at a discount price from retail sales. If your organisations commitment to drivers health and wellness. If your passionate about improving your members/staffs standard of living, this leads me to ask your organisation to work with me in the distribution of discounted books throughout the transport industry.

It is proposed that your local branch / offices hold a batch of around 50 books to sell to members at the discount price. As they are sold we will arrange the next dispatch.

The aim to provide ease of access for staff to obtain this essential hand book at a discount price.


Union Organisations, Bus Operators, Coach Operators, Taxi Operators and other organisations.


Allowing easy access to the introduction of the Health and Safety Hand Book to increase driver health and well-being along with passenger safety, will initiate commitment to the members of the company approach reaching out to a vast amount of members within the transport industry enhancing the unity and power of the companies movement, strengthening it’s members.

The profit share to be gained when looking at the vast amount of transport members who should be keen to purchase the handbook. Along with the companies across the world that will show interest in a copy of the handbook to boost their road safety records is rateable by the size of the world transport industry.

When calculating the amount of members across UK Europe and the Caribbean with a possible % discount that could apply to members legible to takes a book through YOUR offices to get 40% discount and initiate YOUR 10% payment.

{below explains possible profit gain}


Working together you could get 10% = £1-00 payable for each handbook sold through any of your offices.


The price of the book is based on the notion that it should be accessible to the industry at a reasonable price allowing companies a fair chance at purchasing books for their staff.

Looking at the size of the book {A5} with a trim size and a page count of 44. The pricing of the ‘Health and Well-Being For Professional Drivers’ book is priced as follows:


The hand book would be sold at retail for price £16:00

Members buying through your office will receive 40% discount = £10:00 payable per book. Your company will receive 10% = £1:00 handling fee for each book sold.


Your share percentage will be calculated on a monthly basic and available for viewing, with payments each months.

To further discus how we can get drivers driving fit and make a profit.

Please contacts or Contact us on: 0207 101 3735

Kind Regards

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