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Exploring the transportation industry’s input into driver’s health, it was clear that for over 50 years this business has been zealous in contributing services, appliances and painstaking research, working with associated companies to analyse all areas of this dilemma and helping to create a healthier work environment for professional drivers.

The scale of the current health problems with professional surface drivers is fundamentally obvious, as there seems to be an undisputed trend. Many readers will need weaning into adopting some of the healthy changes needed.

It is apparent that employers need to take the leading role, being assertive in encouraging a healthier work force.

I am hopeful that this hand book will contribute to finding solutions that will reduce the high level of stress related accidents. Thus making the roads safer for all!

7 thoughts on “Conclusion

  1. I think this will benefit a lot of bus drivers. This product should also be available to coach drivers and also long distance HGV Drivers.

    I just wondered if there will a book tailor to suit Long distance HGV ?

    1. You asked if the manual will be suited to long distance drivers? I can say that professional drivers all use the same road surface, and all need to manage the traffic, weather conditions and are in cupped/ cabin area for long periods of time. So in responseto your question I think HGV drivers will also find the manual informative and should get tips to help them on their long journeys.
      Thanks for your input.

  2. should this be going to the website page for all to see or to my email address? , surly the latter!!

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